Awning Brite Vinyl RV Awning Cleaner

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Restore that brand-new RV feeling that everyone craves. Just spray, wipe, and see those pesky streaks & stains neutralize instantly from your vinyl awning, slide topper and window awning! AWNING BRITE is a unique combination of high-performance ingredients guaranteed to safely penetrate, dissolve and neutralize unwanted black streaks and tough stains. Safety goggles and poncho included.

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  • INSTANTLY REMOVES BLACK STREAKS & TOUGH UNWANTED STAINS – including but not limited to mold, mildew, smoke, soot, icky bird and tree droppings and much more!
  • PERFECT FOR AWNINGS, SLIDE TOPPERS & WINDOW AWNINGS- Enjoy that new feeling of a bright, clean awning again!
  • NO HEAVY SCRUBBING- Super rich foaming wash does the hard work for you!
  • PROFESSIONAL STRENGTH FORMULA- Top Favorite of Professional RV Detailers!

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Weight 10 lbs

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