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Wholesale Price List

STREAK-X Black Streak Remover

1 Gallon: $41.98 Wholesale | $69.97 Retail

32 oz: $22.18 Wholesale | $36.97 Retail

8 oz: $11.38 Wholesale | $18.97 Retail

5 Gallon: $118.78 Wholesale | $197.97 Retail





Roof Armor For Fiberglass Roofs

STREAK-X Black Streak Remover [Cargo & Enclosed Trailer Formula]

1 Gallon: $38.98 Wholesale | $64.97 Retail

8 oz: $10.18 Wholesale | $16.97 Retail

5 Gallon: $115.78 Wholesale | $192.97 Retail





Streak-X 5 Gallon

ROOF ARMOR  Rubber Roof Protector

1 Gallon: $44.98 Wholesale | $74.97 Retail








ROOF ARMOR  Fiberglass Roof Protector

1 Gallon: $44.98 Wholesale | $74.97 Retail








Streak-X For Cargo Trailers 8 oz.


1 Gallon: $35.98 Wholesale | $59.97 Retail

32 oz: $19.78 Wholesale | $32.97 Retail

8 oz: $8.98 Wholesale | $14.97 Retail

5 Gallon: $112.78 Wholesale | $187.97 Retail






1 Gallon: $32.98 Wholesale | $54.97 Retail







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