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Get your hands on every RVer’s favorite must-have in their cleaning arsenal: STREAK-X! 

STREAK-X Black Streak Neutralizer is a high powered, scientifically designed product. Consumers purchasing this product will find that we are dedicated to maximum results. STREAK-X is a unique combination of outstanding, high performance ingredients. Our custom formula safely penetrates and dissolves unwanted black streak marks including smoke, soot, brake dust, Love Bug stains, and other unwanted chalky residue from all types of RVs, boats, and trailers. Available in 8 oz, 32 oz, gallon and 5-gallon formulas!

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STREAK-X ® Streak -X for Cargo Trailers is a Proprietary Blend formula, chemically balanced and tested. Consumers purchasing this product will find that we are dedicated to maximum fast cleaning results. STREAK-X® For Cargo Trailers is a ready to use, unique combination of outstanding high performance ingredients. Our custom formula safely penetrates, dissolves, and neutralizes unwanted black streak markings including, oil, smoke, soot, brake dust, love bugs, stains, and other unwanted chalky residue from all Cargo Haulers and Race Trailer surfaces.  Available in 8 oz,  gallon and 5-gallon formulas!

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Hate Pesky Streaks on Your Awning? Then You’ll Love Awning Brite! (FREE Safety goggles + poncho included!)

Awning Brite restores that brand new RV feeling everyone craves. Just spray, wipe, and see those pesky streaks & stains neutralize instantly from your vinyl awning, slide topper and window awning! Awning Brite is a unique combination of high performance ingredients guaranteed to safely penetrate, dissolve and neutralize unwanted black streaks and tough stains.  

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Want supple, shiny tires that look & feel better than new? Then You’ll Love BIG BOY TIRE Cleaner + Dressing & Dirt Repellant! (FREE Sponge Kit Included!)

RVTECH “Big Boy Tire” Dressing & Dirt Repellant will satisfy the most stringent RV, Truck, Semi-, Car and Tire Enthusiast. This replenishing formula gives your tires that slick look & silky feel that makes new tires look better than new and brings aged or weathered tires back to life. RVTECH “Big Boy Tire” Dressing & Dirt Repellant cures to the touch, so it won’t sling like most other brands. Tires will look and feel better than new and will continue to repel dirt and grime. Perfect for show vehicle, monster truck, RV, Semi and all car tires.






[Specially formulated to treat cracking, fading and degenerated RV slide seals] 

SLIDE SEAL PRO Advanced Moisture Complex revives + deep conditions to breathe new life into degenerated RV slide seals in just minutes. SLIDE SEAL PRO contains super fine lubricators that go beyond conventional conditioning to penetrate and restore elasticity and leave your slide seals soft, smooth and pliable to the touch. Complete with Advanced Multi-Layer UV Protection Technology and revolutionary formula, Slide Seal PRO nourishes, preserves and locks in protection to eliminate the risk of cracking and fading for stronger, more durable slide seals. Specially formulated to handle all types of RV environments, Slide Seal PRO versatile, waterproof and residue-free formula forms a protective barrier to keep your slide seals rejuvenated for years to come. After just minutes, you’ll quickly see why Slide Seal PRO unique long-lasting formula outperforms its competition every time. One application lasts a full year.

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Don’t forget your brush heads!

Great brushes are hard to come by. And cheaper isn’t always a bargain.  Cheap brush heads can add time and strain to the job, costing you aggravation and a job needing to be re-done (who has time for that?). That’s why they say, “a brush can make or break a DIY project”. Take it from the experts, investing in a great brush head will save you time and money in the long run and will maximize the product’s benefits.

Brush heads need to be strong, durable and made of the right material in order to achieve the end result you demand. That’s why RVTECHUSA recommends only the best to its customers. For best use, we recommend you use Mr. Longarm “soft” or “very soft” brush  heads with RVTECHUSA products.


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